Blue's Fighters

Blue and Tati warming up.jpg

Warming up before the fight and letting all the tension go. Gotta have a strong mind before you step into that ring.


This picture says it all.


Tati wins.jpg

Tati and Blue.jpg

I couldn't wait for her to remove the gloves. Very emotional to see her get through all three rounds in spectacular fashion.

Waiting to hug her after the bout. Her support team is a group of boxers, as well. They were all super excited. 


Blue and girls.jpg

My two favorite fighters! 

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

- Mark Twain

Wrapping Hands.jpg

This is one of the many times you will catch the team smiling. So glad we have one to share. Great photo from a great night of boxing.

Warming Up.jpg

The warm up before the fight. She's focused per usual.

Pre Fight Talk.jpg

Going over the plan for the first round.

Corner Talk.jpg

Catching her breath while listening to the adjustments for the next round.

In The Ring.jpg

My favorite part was seeing the crowd applaud her on a fantastic first fight. She even got to have the Tori Nelson give her the award! Great job!

Coaches and Team.jpg

Wouldn't get far without the squad. Tati was all over making sure everything went smoothly for her teammates first bout. Coach Jeff and I make a great coaching team! Natasha had to do all the dirty work with the hands this time though.

Coach Blue and Natasha.jpg

Super excited after the bout! Every reason to smile! #teamNatasha!