Born in Florida and raised in Reston Virginia, Blue is part of the extended DMV community where he seems to know everybody. He has been practicing boxing since the young age of nine, is very passionate about fighting, but also assisting people as a mentor, training partner, and coach.

In the past couple years, Blue has been very successful as a personal trainer and boxing coach earning certificates of achievement amongst the vastly growing fitness community in the DMV area. His success as an instructor and personal trainer is due in part to his big personality and witty sense of humor, but also stems from his devotion to his clients. Blue goes beyond his role as a trainer; he understands each client’s individuality and tailors the workout to fit specific needs and goals. What makes him stand out from the crowd of trainers is the deep fondness he has for the people he trains. He builds lasting relationships and considers his clients part of his friend circle. 

Blue's clientele consists of a wide variety of people from different walks of life. He has the pleasure of working with the youth, military personnel, present and past fighters, all the way through seasoned veterans trying to stay fit and active. His favorite clients are the little ones; he loves interacting with children and the feeling seems to be quite mutual. Blue's success with the younger client's stems from his extensive background in childhood education as an assistant teacher and P.E. coach.